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Surface Recovery offers paint stripping and coating removal services across a variety of industries, including appliance, OEM manufacturers, government, powder coat shops, e-coat shops, medical, automotive, motorcycle and agriculture.

Surface Recovery Technologies begins with a Burn Off or Chemical immersion depending on the substrate.

Surface Recovery Technologies then provides Power Washing, Rust Removal, Power Washing again and Rust 
Prevention. A final inspection is made to insure Quality then Packaged and returned.  Turnaround is based
on needs but typically (4) days.
Non-Ferrous Metals
(Aluminum, Zinc, Zinc Die Cast)
Ferrous Metals
(Steel, Cold Rolled Steel)
Plastics check
All Paint Types
(Powder Coat, eCoat, Liquid Coat)


Thermal Cleaning (Burn-off)

Typical products serviced include paint tooling/fixtures for Paint Lines as well as heavy steel parts with paint.
Size Capacity:  25′ Long x  8′ High

Chemical Immersion

Typical products serviced include Aluminum painted products such as wheels, aerospace parts and automotive parts.
Size Capacity: 12′ Long x 6′ High

De-Rusting or Rust Removal

Typical products serviced include metal stamped automotive parts. 
Size Capacity: 4′ Long  x 6′ H  

Power Washing

Available for all products that have been paint stripped. (3000 PSI , 200 F)
Size Capacity: Large or Small

Rust Prevention

Typical products serviced include steel products that have been paint stripped.   
Size Capacity: 4′ Long x 6′ H 

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