Facility Management Services

SRT combines equipment and processes and innovative technologies with an experienced workforce to meet the challenges of global manufacturers. Deep cleaning, comprehensive paint system management, water jetting and managed labor production support give our customers a competitive advantage.

With extensive experience working with both Tier One and Tier Two automotive manufacturers, SRT’s reach today extends to a diverse customer base that includes OEMs, food & beverage processors and aerospace & defense contractors.

As a leader in technological innovation, SRT continuously invests in training, specialized tooling and proprietary systems to keep our people safe and to meet the ever-changing requirements of our diverse customer base. SRT offers a competitive advantage through a flexible workforce with valuable equipment-management experience.

Industrial Decontamination

SRT offers industrial decontamination services for a wide range of circumstances by removing, neutralizing or destroying any harmful substance, such as coronavirus (COVID-19). 

SRT’s chemicals and processes have been audited and approved by a certified industrial hygienist (CIH) to properly protect its employees and other workers. We systematically decontaminate clean-rooms, process equipment, fume hoods, food and beverage facilities, entire buildings and any other contaminated area.

In both emergency and scheduled situations, SRT analyzes the problem and creates a thorough, safe and cost-effective strategy. We routinely staff and complete projects calling for a substantial labor force.

SRT provides rapid response and long term scheduled solutions for deep cleaning of industrial facilities, buildings and working environments. Our trained staff mobilize and coordinate every aspect of the job task. After an initial assessment a safe cost-effective strategy will be developed and submitted. Clients are made aware of every aspect involved in the deep cleaning of the property, from walk-through to completion.

Paint System Management

SRT, a leader in the automotive support industry, provides comprehensive cleaning and management of paint booth systems. Work includes booth cleaning, process labor support, fixture cleaning, robotics support, air balancing, light maintenance and inventory management.

SRT evaluates the data obtained from automotive paint system performance monitoring to modify cleaning schedules and operational approaches, resulting in improvements in first-time pass rate capabilities. Our integrated approach results in higher production efficiencies and contributes substantially to cost savings programs.

Maintenance Support

SRT manages all aspects of your maintenance, repair and operations (MRO). Our experienced team often manages all non-production related work at manufacturing facilities.

Allow us to tackle routine functions of repair, maintenance and support to keep your plant running at peak efficiency through safe, reliable and cost-effective systems and operations. SRT’s offerings are tailored to fit your company’s needs and contribute to reduced infrastructure costs.

Technical Cleaning

Understanding a facility and its equipment prior to cleaning ensures that equipment is not damaged and continues to run in peak condition.

We improve system reliability by evaluating and documenting current practices and engineering alternatives that reduce downtime and improve efficiency. Trained technicians clean process equipment, repair any damage found upon inspection and rebuild components when necessary.

SRT’s in-house engineering team routinely design cutting-edge cleaning solutions to improve both safety and project efficiencies.

Emergency Labor Support

Returning employees to safe workplaces following COVID-19 related shutdowns can be a complicated task. Maintaining these workplaces remain a priority, as safety, health and environmental programs, policies and procedures continue to evolve. SRT’s Emergency Labor Support Services allow customers to easily navigate the “new normal.”

SRT can serve you during and after the pandemic. We deliver our industrial decontamination services in whole or in part according to your facility’s needs. We are also available to train your employees in our decontamination policies and procedures.

Deep Cleaning

SRT industrial deep cleaning services provide thorough, safe and efficient decontamination of facilities and buildings. With an excellent industrial deep cleaning track record of safely and successfully completing projects for industrial industries. Auto, paint, assembly, weld, food & beverage applications. Commissioning and decommissioning projects.

Our project team is highly trained in fall protection, mobile lift/equipment operation and all other aspects of deep clean safety. SRT customizes your deep clean plan to meet project/construction schedule deadlines, as well as production and OSHA requirements. Whether it is prepping to run production, removing harmful contaminants or dangerous combustible dust, SRT has expertise to meet the challenge.

Production Support

SRT supplies customers with managed labor, including general labor and skilled trades to support your assembly line. On-site personnel are supervised by an SRT management team. All associates are pre-qualified to match skill-set requirements and are OSHA-trained to meet safety requirements prior to working in your facility.

To meet your production demands and fluctuations, SRT employees perform production line tasks on a full-time or as-needed basis. SRT’s qualified team is the solution to a reduced labor force with services ranging from component sequencing and intra-plant transportation to product inspections and logistical tracking. SRT’s labor-support improves performance and reduces total costs.

Skids, Jigs, Fixtures & Dolly Management and Cleaning

As part of its comprehensive support for paint system management, SRT offers routine maintenance and extensive cleaning for all your skids, jigs, fixtures and dollies.

Employing-high pressure water jetting, chemical cleaning or thermal burn-off techniques, SRT ensures that all your components are restored to their original state, ready for reuse.

SRT’s integrated approach to parts restoration results in production efficiencies and realized cost savings. We will work with you to customize cleaning schedules and operational approaches that result in improvements in first-time pass rates.

“I received the trailer with the fuel lids. I just wanted to also thank the two of you and your associates for all your help, cooperation and quick responses.”

– Randy V., Operations Manager


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