Recently, SRT completed a job for a national auto parts chain supplier. The supplier had received brake rotors from China that were the wrong paint color. SRT hired multiple qualified people to complete this order and got the job done in a timely manner with top of the line quality and repackaging.

The job not only required that SRT stripped the paint off of the brake rotors, the steel had to be unaffected to where the brake rotors looked brand new after stripping.

SRT tracked the brake rotors throughout the stripping and steel brightening processes and returned the rotors to their original boxes. Each box had a unique part number on it and it was imperative that each brake rotor was repackaged into the exact box matching its part number. The tracking was very important because the Auto Parts Supplier could not sell a brake rotor to their customer with the wrong part number of brake rotor in the boxes. SRT prides itself on the accuracy and attentiveness of our packaging and sorting processes.