Chemical Immersion

Aluminum & Steel Wheel Cleaning

Another major product that Surface Recovery cleans chemically is aluminum and steel wheels. SRT can do large orders for major manufacturers and small sets for personal customers doing their own restoration work. The aluminum wheels process through Surface Recovery Technologies  proprietary chemicals which are formulated to protect the substrate but still remove the durable paint todays OEMs and job shops apply to the wheels.  A hot pressure wash is utilized to remove paint residue caught inside the forging or wheel casting. After a rinse, they come out clean and ready for a new coating.

Rust Removal

Manufacturers who stamp products such as oil pans, appliance parts, etc. partner with Surface Recovery Technologies to remove rust from unpainted parts before painting. They also find that painted parts still in the warehouse can be stripped for re-paint, saving thousands of dollars. 

Cleaning Steel

The mainstay of our chemical cleaning process is taking paint from steel while keeping it intact. One customer asked that we removed several mils of paint from steel pallets used as paint line fixtures, but at the same time, the steel needed to stay in the same shape—warping had to be avoided. After a time in our alkaline bath, the paint rises from the steel and is rinsed away in our pressure washer bays. The customer gets a clean pallet that can be used in their delicate paint processes.

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