Major Paint Line Fixtures Cleaning

Surface Recovery works with major manufacturers to keep their paint line fixtures free of paint build up on paint fixtures. We do this by baking these steel fixtures in a burn-off oven for several hours. After burning (800F) in the oven, the paint turns to ash and a hot water power wash is applied, leaving clean fixtures for future use. These jobs are quick and can be done many times a week to keep our customers’ paint lines running smoothly.  Burn Off Ovens are cost-effective in removing paint from heavy laden paint tooling and fixtures.

Specialty Parts

Our burn-off ovens are not just for one use. In some cases, our customers ask for specialty burns; not just to take paint of their parts, but to change the chemical state of compounds. One customer requested a specific curing time to allow a potting compound to rise from the steel just enough for them to rework it. Our oven technicians worked hand-in-hand with the customer and came up with the desired result.

Paint Line Hooks

Many of our customers have lightweight hooks for their paint lines. These hooks aren’t as durable as the some of those used by major manufacturers, but keeping them serviceable is as much a priority to Surface Recovery. Although these hooks are not as durable, our burn-off process is delicate enough to keep the hooks intact. Our customers find this process to be extremely cost-effective and fast. We can turn around up to 1,000 pounds of hooks in about two days , something our customers find very convenient.

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