Burn Off Paint Stripping Container

Thermal Cleaning / Burn-Off

SRT uses burn-off ovens to remove heavy-laden paint coatings on steel parts, carbon steel, steel alloy, iron, castings, super alloys and ferrous metals to reclaim the part.

Using our burn-off ovens for paint stripping and coating removal is an ideal process for any type of production paint fixture or hook found on industrial paint lines. The process can reach 800 degrees Fahrenheit and will remove virtually any organic coating.

Also called Bake off ovens or pyrolytic cleaning, Burn-off ovens have become the easiest, least expensive and safest way to strip powder-coated, liquid coated, e-coated and CARC painted parts and tooling. Burn-off ovens clean with gas fired burners to strip many different organic coatings from paint and powder coating lines.


“I received the trailer with the fuel lids. I just wanted to also thank the two of you and your associates for all your help, cooperation and quick responses.”

- Randy V., Operations Manager