Major Paint Line Fixtures Cleaning

Surface Recovery works with major manufacturers to keep their paint line fixtures free of paint build up on paint fixtures. We do this by baking these steel fixtures in a burn-off oven for several hours. After burning (800F) in the oven, the paint turns to ash and a hot water power wash is applied, leaving clean fixtures for future use. These jobs are quick and can be done many times a week to keep our customers’ paint lines running smoothly.  Burn Off Ovens are cost-effective in removing paint from heavy laden paint tooling and fixtures.  Using a professional paint stripper that owns and operates burn off ovens for paint tooling and fixtures is preferred by powder coat paint shops, ecoat paint shops, OEM paint shops and job shop paint lines because the ash created by the process is not attracted inside the paint shop paint booth.  

Pre-processed Honda Main Frame
Pre-processed Honda main frame, close shot
Pre-processed Honda Swing Arms
Processed Honda swing arms
GTI rack, far
GTI rack, close